Investigating Life's Mysteries with Fred Harding

God's Electronic Communicator
IT'S TRUE! Stephen Hawking Did Find God How Man's Reproductive Organ Disproves Evolution

This is the story how Stephen Hawking ducked and weaved to avoid a confrontation with God but in the end he met Him face to face..

FOUND! I find 2 million of Gold at Old Devon Mines North Molton Gold

This is "a mineralogical thriller" about how I found 2 million of gold at the old abandoned derelict gold mines of North Molton, in Devon. England.

FRAUD! Apocalypse of John are not the words of Jesus The Apocalypse Deception

The book of Revelation unleashes a vision of a gore-fest at the End of Time but this vision were not the words of Jesus...

READ! The Enigma that Darwin could not Solve Darwin's Enigma

"Man's Naked Skin could not have been produced by Natural Selection... (Alfred Wallace, Discoverer of Natural Selection) ...

YES! The Times of the Gentiles Have been Fulfilled Times of the Gentiles are Fulfilled

This is an extraordinary detective story about the old abandoned derelict gold mines of North Molton and the 2 million of gold I found there...

SOLVED! Sherlock Holmes Solves the Nun's Disease The Nun's Disease

This is an extraordinary detective story using the methods of Sherlock Homes to solve the mystery of the Nun's Desease

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