How I Enhance Your Website and Make it Future Proof

SEO Optimisation

Nowadays a great deal goes into building a website. Gone are the days when the guy down the road or a friend can put together a website and meet the needs of a modern business. While it is still true that anyone can build website it is also true that unless they have knowledge of the latest web technology and know how to use it, the result will undoubtably look dated compared to modern websites. Basic HTML, the first building blocks that was used for developing websites, on its own is completely inadequate for the job. In addition, it is unlikely that amateurs know how to get a website on to the first page of the major search engines.

Web technology is advancing at such a remarkable rate today that it is important for any web developer to be aware of what is going on in order to ensure that websites developed today will not appear dated tomorrow.

Below are a some of the technologies that I use or have developed to enhance your website and make it future proof. You can read what I can do for you and see examples. So when I discuss building your website you will be in a good position to know what you would like me to do for you. And remember, most of the technologies I show you here are FREE as part of your package.


Taking Photos

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is true. To keep visitors interested when they visit your site you should have photos on it that gives a prospective client an idea of whom they are dealing with and what you have to offer. So a picture of you or your staff is a good idea, your premises or shop, and if you provide a service the pictures of your signed vehicles will help to portray your busines professionalism.

It may well be that you do not have any photos but do not worry. If you are local I will be pleased to visit you and take some photes as I did for window cleaner Dean Lowdon Cleaned by Dean or Feature Fires. I visited Pilton Arts Group and took photos of artist paintings for their gallery as well as taking photos of their premises. It is all part of my service to you, which comes as part of any web package you purchase.

If you are not local, taking pictures using a digital camera is easy and all you have to do is send them to me via email or put them on CDROM and send them by post.

Slide Shows, Galleries and Videos

What a difference a slide show, gallery or video can make to your website. I can add these free as part of any package you buy from me.

Slide Shows

It is great to be able to attract visitors to you website with animations of some kind. Many of my websites I develop show slide shows. Not only are they attractive, but these highlight your services very quickly (see my home page), or in the case of artists and photographers you may want to show some of you pictures on your home page such as I did for photographer Judy Bradley, or artist Simone Hunt. I can even produce advertisments of your products or services using a slide show. Take a look at a slideshow at North Devon Feature Fires


Then there are galleries of pictures that are presented as thumbnails. In fact some thumbnails are shown on this page and if you click on them they are enlarged over an overlay using a special technique. There are many ways to do this and I am able to develop a gallery that goes with your website branding as shown here again at the galleries of Judy Bradley


Another great way to promote your business is through a video. For example, if you were a shop or operate in an office, why not have a video walkthrough. People can therefore have a virtual look at your premises without even having leave home. Also it is great to show off what you have to offer, and I can certainly help you here. I can add a video taken by your camera easily, and even convert it for you and provide as part of the package a video player that plays the video on your site.

Sarah Richson of Saintly Cakes, for example, sent me a video testimonial which I put on her site. What a great idea! Take a look Saintly Cakes Video . It just shows what you can do. I also added video from Youtube for North Devon Drive Ways. Take a look at that too here.

Google Maps, Web Translation and Other Gadgets

Google Translation

At no extra cost to your website package I can add all kinds of web gadgets to your website. This could be a Google Map inserted into a page to show potential clients where you are located, as I have done for a number of my clients such as Feature Fires here. Or your website may be targeted for an international audience so why not have an option to translate your website into any language. Visit The Answer To All There Is and try out the Google translation tool. It is amazing! I can even feed live news into your website as I have done here at Business Link Kenya, where I fed live news from Kenya.

There are many gadgets that are available, so if you have something in mind the chances are that it exists. If you see something on another website, I can probably duplicate it although in many cases they are not free or are fred but with advertising bits in them.

Dynamic Menu Systems

I have been developing websites for many years and there is one function that has been a pain and has slowed product development. That is the menu systems that may appear on a page. Developing fancy menus is relatively easy to do but the problem is that both the developer and the client do not know at the beginning what the menus will link to. One starts the web development process at best guess!

So off you go developing the website and have built a number of pages. Then you discover that the menu needs to be changed, either to accomodate more page links or to change the name of a menu item. Oh! No! The Web Developer has to change all the pages already developed to the new menu system. That is the pain! What makes matters worse is that as the website develops the same problem will continue to arise. So I invented a solution - "Dynamic Menu Systems".

There are 4 menus on this page, two of which are the same - the main menu and the bottom menu. All the menus do not exist on the page at all but are automatically loaded from external files when the page is opened. I can have as many menus as I want and if I need to change any one of them I simply change the appropriate external file.

You will not find Dynamic Menus used by other web developers because it my invention. I adapted existing technology and developed it. That is why I can develop websites much faster than most developers and you the client benefits because I can pass on the saving of time to you. So if you do not know exactly what menu items or names you want, I can make changes quickly that will be reflected through your website in a matter of seconds.

Another great advantage is that if later you wish to expand your website with additional pages, the menu can be easily updated to accommodate this in a matter of seconds.