Case Study - Hermitage de Saint-Antoine, France

Hermitage de Saint-Antoine, France

On 15th November 2010 I was approached by Ross Young who runs a Bed & Breakfast in Aigues-Mortes in France. His existing site had not been updated for 10 years and it look old and dated. He asked if I could re-develop the site. Needless to say I was more than happy to do so and welcomed the challenge.

According to Ross, it was very important that I was able to use the existing domain name and like the original the site had to be able to seen both in the French and English Languages. Also, it was explained to me that the site needed to have a minimum of text, but to show more pictures to convey the services provided and the atmosphere of the local amenities. Although I do not speak French, with Ross's help I was sure I could do it?

The Original Site

The original site was basic to say the least, but then one would expect it to be because it was built ten years ago when web development was still in its infancy. Even so, despite the archaic look and feel the website had proved its worth time and time again in generating business. However, Ross felt that the site looked old and did little to convey the character and charm of his Bed & Breakfast business. He believed that a new fresh looking site would encourage more business and he had clearly thought things through as he conveyed his ideas to me in his emails.

Specific Requirements

Ross said that:

"We've been studying our customers and their behaviour regarding bookings and the internet for over 10 years now. We felt that we needed a site to reflected the behaviour of our prospective clients. We have noted that the greater part of our customers were in a 30 to 60 year old age bracket. They are busy, working people. We have the impression from the timing of telephone calls that they do a lot of their personal organisation and planning for holidays etc. during their working hours. It is quite common to have calls from women (probably secretaries) during the lunch break. They gave the impression they are surfing on the net and planning their week-end breaks/holidays whilst they have a couple of minutes to spare at work"

"From these observations we have come to the conclusion that when we get a visitor on our site, the greater percentage of them are looking for three main things ..."

  • Visual images that replaced words for a quick impression
  • Clear pricing structure.
  • Contact to send an e-mail.

The site also had to be in the French and English languages as the business catered for both communities.

It was clear that Ross had a good idea exactly what he wanted and he sent me details on how to access his site. I was able to deduce from the settings how I could rebuild his site and load it to his French service provider. So I began rebuilding his site in earnest.

Building the New Site

I must say it was a real pleasure working with Ross. He provided me with all the information and pictures he wanted to show and I designed his new website. Outside his Bed & Breakfast was a sign and I suggested using this as a basis for his website. When I showed him a mockup of what I had in mind he was pleased with the suggestion, and I proceeded accordingly.

Emails passed thick and fast between us and even though 700 miles seperated us, Ross was able to provide everything I wanted. There was nothing he would not do. Yes, at times we disagreed on some design issues but we tried things out and in the end, the result was exactly what he wanted.

When the site went live on the 30th November 2010 Ross emailed me and said, "I believe the new site you’ve done matches up with the major type of our clients." and then he sent me a testimonial for the work I had done. This I greatly appreciated.

Ross was a great and approachable person to work with and I enjoyed every minute of it. As for the new website. What do you think? I have left the old site running so you can compare. Needless to say the old website is the one on the left...

Old Website New Website

Have You Got an Old Website?

If you have a business and have a website it is important that it does not become old and tired looking. You website is very important. It it is like a brochure showing off your business and services. You wouldn't send old tardy printed brochures to your client so why invite visitors to your site to see one that looks dated as if it was built during the age of the dinosaurs. You can be sure visitors to your site will think your business is dated too if your website is like that.

I provide low-cost affordable solutions. Based around my web packages and prices I can rebuild your website with the latest web technologies and bring new life to your business website. So if you like what I have done for the Hermitage de Saint-Antoine in France, and would like me to do the same for you, then feel free to contact me by phone or email and let's talk!