Written with Kindle Writer software developed by the author, this is the most important book since Darwin's "Origin of Species". This study offers a Bible based alternative explanation to the enigma of the Neanderthals and their sudden disappearance than that offered by evolution.

This book begins with the observation of a strange coincidence. The Bible and other ancient writings talk about three kinds of people living together at one time, Watchers, Nephilim and Humans. Then two of them disappear abruptly to leave only man to populate the earth with his kind. Coincidentally, we find anthropologists over a period of one hundred and fifty years unearthing the remains of three species of hominids that are said to have co-existed at one time, Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Then two of them suddenly become extinct leaving only Homo sapiens (modern man) to populate the planet. Could it be that those beings dubbed Cro-Magnons may have in fact been the fabled "Watchers", the fallen angels described in the Bible who came to earth and mated with human women? And, if this is true, can we not reason that the results of their unnatural union resulted in hybrid children the Nephilim, the same beings that we call Neanderthals? What an intriguing possibility, one which this book investigates.

This study is truly ground breaking and proves once again how reliable the Bible really is. If you are a Christian then I hope that this book will encourage you to stand firm in your belief. If you are person of no paticular persuasion but have been told that the Bible contains a load of bunkum, I hope that what this book shows will pursuade you to reevaluate your position and take a closer look as to what the Bible has to say. And to those of you who believe in evolution, for you I have purposely not made reference to any Creationist publications. That way I cannot be accused of being a Creationist fundamentalist with a chip on my shoulder. Hence, what you will read in some areas of this study will have been written and promoted by evolutionists themselves or reported by them in newpapers or science publications just as each discovery was made and presented to the world by evolutionary scientists. I have not glossed over or hidden anything from you. The theory of evolution stands or falls by the words of evolutionists themselves, not mine.

I believe that what I have presented in the book offers a viable alternative to the one that evolutionists have taught for the last hundred and fifty years, with respects to the origins of man and especially where Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals have stood in the scheme of things. With over 460 pages, 380 plus references and 160 pictures, this is truly a major work worthy of consideration and debate.

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"Research by UK and American scientists has struck another blow to the theory that Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) became extinct because they were less intelligent than our ancestors (Homo sapiens). The research team has shown that early stone tool technologies developed by our species, Homo sapiens, were no more efficient than those used by Neanderthals. Published in the Journal of Human Evolution, their discovery debunks a textbook belief held by archaeologists for more than 60 years."

(Science Daily, Steve Connor, 26 August 2008) )

For over a hundred years or more, the evoluton model for the origins of man has been marketed as gospel truth with Neanderthal man having been regarded as the last link in the evolutionary tree before the rise of modern man. Even though this view has changed dramatically in the last decade, as we shall see next, this has not stopped this erroneous and outdated idea to continue to promoted. As recently as 2008 newspapers like the Daily Mail from showing a picture of the transformation from ape to man, the common perception in the public imagination, to be printed.

Typical misleading evolutionary path of ape to man, as shown in this picture from the Daily Mail (7th October 2008) and the other from a German publication in 1958.

So the public imagination remains even today that Neaderthals were hulking and slow-witted idiots, who lacked language and behaved in a manner that is reminiscent of modern day apes such as gorillas. Films like 2001 a Space Odyssey (1968) and numerous science books, especially those directed to children all helped to reinforce this fantasy.

Today the ever changing theory of the evolution of man pervades as the accepted paradigm on the origin of man and the common perception remains still that man had descended from ape-like hominids with Neanderthals being the last link in the evolutionary tree. In the last decade however, this outdated notion while remaining popular has taken a bashing. So while it is true that Neanderthals were indeed very strong and robust humanoids it is now generaly acknowledged that they not only stood erect, but in fact were just as intelligent as their modern human counterparts, with whom they lived alongside. Man and Neanderthals were contemporaries as researchers in caves in Israel have confirmed when skeletons of both Neanderthals and modern humans were unearthed in caves close to each other.

The question remains what happened to the Neanderthals? One thing is certain, they suddenly disappeared and only man remained. Anthropologists are deeply divided about this, which is not surprising since their evolutionary models keep changing so that what was once accepted has been thrown out of the window while another idea rises to take its place. But then this has happened countless times as those who support the theory try to come to grips with so called evidence that in reality is not evidence.

A few bones here and here is not evidence but the way evolutionary science works runs in a predictable pattern. A press conference is announced, the discovery of an ape-like "ancestor" revealed with an artist’s impression of what the creature looks like, and the discoverer becomes famous, earning money on lecture tours. The actual fossil bones are scanty and the imagination runs wild. Later, when more evidence is found, the "ancestor" turns out to be totally human or totally ape. The Neanderthal man is an example of one find that turns out to be totally human. Once this find is removed as an intermediate form, you can expect another great discovery to save the day. The latest discovery was dubbed "Lucy."

A fossil hominid dubbed Lucy was found in Ethiopia and she was quickly hailed as the oldest human skeleton found and an ancestral transitional form, a missing link! But how scientific is it to put together bones from as far away as three kilometers apart and connect them to bones found a year earlier found in a different place? It is not scientific at all.

Not surprisingly, several investigators, including Richard Leakey, have now concluded that two or perhaps three species have been wrongly combined in "Lucy." She could not have been a human ancestor. At best, she was a form of extinct ape; at worst, she was a mosaic, yet she is still touted as the best "evidence" for human evolution. Michael Cremo, co-author of Forbidden Archaeology: said that he was was at a conference of anthropologists where many of them were making the case that she was hardly distinguishable from an ape or a monkey. And no sooner has the human pedigree of Lucy come into question, guess what? "Move over, Lucy. A 4-foot- tall female nicknamed Ardi, who lived 4.4 million years ago in Africa, has replaced you as the earliest best known ancestor of the human species.", so reports a newspaper. Little wonder anthrologists find themselves banging their heads against a brick wall as cherished theories crumble into dust. Talk about Déjà Vu!

The evolutionary tree of man is as scientific as this picture. The fossil evidence used to support human evolution from ape-like ancestors is so sparse that any new scrap of bone has the potential to force a rewrite of the secular history-tale.

As we have seen it is understandable that anthrologists have their backs to the wall trying to put together a realistic and evidence based model for the evolution of man and the sudden demise of the neanderthal certainly taxes the gray brain cells. Some anthropoligist have speculated that modern man had evolved in Africa and later migrated to where the Neanderthals flourished - in Europe and the Near East and then wiped them out. The Out of Africa Theory is a theory that is hotly debated. One circle of scientists supporting this theory holds that modern humans can be traced back to a single African ancestor, dubbed "Eve." But other scientiest point out that "the oldest of the Australian skeletons does not have African mitochondrial DNA." These support an opposing theory the multiregional origin of modern humans.

What all this boils down to is that neither evolutionary group can explain the sudden demise of the neanderthals and why it was that homo sapiens, namely us, survived and flourished. But there is an explanation that fits the evidence and it has nothing to do with evolution.

The Watchers (Grigori) and Cro-Magnon Man

According to the Bible account (and that of other writings such as the Book of Enoch), the Nephilim (Neanderthals) were the hybrid children of the Watchers (Grigori) and of humans (homo sapiens). That being the case one would expect that besides finding the bones of Neanderthal, we would also find the remains of the Watchers too. Sure enough, we find exactly that. And there is more. One would expect that the Watchers who being angels and who had taken on human form in order to mate with womenkind would be not only human like but also would be superior in form. It should have come of no surprise, when the remains of the Watchers were found they were not only "anatomically identical" to modern humans, but also had a more robust physiology, were taller than their human contemporaries and they had a larger brain capacity.

The remains of Watchers were discovered 1868 in Abri Cro-Magnon but were misidentified and given the name of the place where they were found.

It was the geologist Louis Lartet who first discovered five skeletons in March 1868 in Abri Cro-Magnon, the Cro-Magnon rock shelter at Les Eyzies, Dordogne, France. The remains were those of 3 adult males, 1 adult female, and one infant. The skeletons showed the same high forehead, upright posture and slender (gracile) skeleton as modern humans. The cranial capacity is estimated at 1,600 cubic

According to Geoffrey Bibby, when describing Cro-Magnon Man,

"He was not it the least ape-like. On the contrary, he was fully human - and more so. Above average height - the males approached six foot six - he was shown to have a high forehead, prominent cheek-bones, and a pronounceldly firm chin. His skull capacity was above the average for modern Europeans. If he was the ancestor of modern man - the view now accepted - there would appear to have been a process of degeneration from that point to the present day."
- From Ape to Adam, Herbet Wendt, p98 1971)

More recently, Cro-Magnon Man is described:

The humans of Cro-Magnon, and their predecessors in other parts of the world, are anatomically almost identical with people today. They differ in being taller and more muscular; some of their skeletal remains reveal (contrary to modern preconceptions) a larger brain than today's average. They are classed, with us, as Homo sapiens sapiens ('knowing knowing man').
- History of Homo Sapiens, History World

Cro-Magnon Man was so perfect according to Geoffrey Bibby that he suggested that perhaps man had degenerated. But what we were really looking at were the discarded remains of the Watchers, angelic beings who had left their natural spiritual realm to take on human form so as to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. And of course, they had taken on superior bodies compared to their human contemporaries. The bones of Cro-Magnon were in fact the Watchers of old.

Ishtar (left), also known as Aphrodite (right) in Greek Mythology was born of the Watchers and became the goddess of love and sex.

It is evident too that not all those born of the Watchers were the the hybrid Nephilim (Neanderthals). We are told through the writings of old as well as the remains that have been found that show that Cro-Magnons that they had "normal children". And among these were girls who when grown into women became the goddesses in the sight of mortal men, and what they did are told in the myths alongside the stories spoke about the Watchers (gods) and their deeds.

The women born of the Watchers enjoyed their sexuality to the full and we often read of their exploits and jealousies. Perhaps the most famous was that of Aphrodite's of ancient Greek legend who according to the Greek historian Herodotus says was adopted from Sumerian god Ishtar-Astarte, the goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. Many similarities exist between the two goddesses to support such a statement. Sumeria was also known as the land of the Watchers as we shall learn.

After the Great Flood, which is another subject we shall discuss later, civilisation was once again established in the land of the Watchers and from their as people dispersed throught the world, they took with them stories of the time when the gods ruled mankind, and that is how ancient Greeks for example got their myths. Olympus the sacred mountain of the gods in Greek mythology would correspond to the mountain of descent of the Watchers (Ardis, Mount Hermon) that we shall learn more about later.

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